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How to Choose the Light of Your True Nature, Part 3

Image credit: Amy Dianna (Continued from Part 2) When we apply effort towards what is good for us, we experience the heat of transformation, where our personal will rubs up against our karma, or our tendencies. Such is called tapas in Sanskrit. Through tapas, we burn off the effects of our actions when we make choices that lead us in the direction of our greater good. The heat caused by our efforts can feel uncomfortable. We often think of grace as being a sweet pat on our head by the universe. But for those who are truly willing, everything in life can be seen as grace, even that which feels uncomfortable. When we remember that we are within a loving whole, we meet this moment as it is, without resistance. In that state of receptivity, we understand that our desire for something that does not support our highest purpose, such as a chocolate cake, is fueled by an old pattern, a view of life through an outdated lens that no longer serves our greater good. When we understand that the desire for the cake is just an old habit, it no longer has power over us. We no longer see life as happening “to” us, something to which we are a victim. We see instead that…

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How to Choose the Light of Your True Nature, Part 1

Image credit: Hartwig HKD DOES IT SUPPORT YOUR NATURE? I grew up in a house full of chocolate lovers. My dad was the main catalyst in this desire, encouraging me, my mother and my two sisters to choose something chocolate any time dessert was an option, be it in the form of ice cream, cake, pudding or cookies. Until my mid-teens, I was convinced that chocolate was the best choice for me in any range of desserts. After all, it is what I was taught, encouraged and knew. In a Pavlovian way, whenever I saw chocolate, my mouth started to salivate. I was convinced I wanted some! But with puberty, I was given an opportunity to learn to perceive differently and make choices that honoured my more authentic nature. As hormones ran through my veins and my body grew in new ways, I also developed debilitating migraine headaches that would leave me sick and bedridden for days. The doctor told me that I needed to stop eating certain foods that were well-known migraine triggers, one of which was chocolate. I thought my world had ended. In some ways, it had; and as it did, a whole new one opened up. Life with my family became an opportunity to grow into my own choices. It was clear…

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