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Image credit: Hartwig HKD THE GIFT OF WITNESSING (Continued from Willingness to Disarm the Ego) The meditation practice known as witnessing provides powerful insights into the ways in which we are attached to our perceptions. It has shown me the parameters of my active ego with extraordinary clarity. Witnessing has provided lasting shifts in the way I think and perceive. It has helped me move from being attached to painful thoughts, to living with greater freedom and joy. Witnessing is an essential part of any sincere meditator’s practice. It is at the heart of yoga and spiritual development. Witnessing is not the same as observing. Because witnessing is rooted in non-attachment, it flowers from the understanding that our senses are limited and do not contain the full picture of reality. Our perceptions are temporary, as they change with circumstance and are subject to our moods and whims. What and how we perceive is coloured by the ups and downs of our ego’s dramas. Through witnessing practice, we meet the moment as it is, without any overlay of how we want it to be. This occurs when we move beyond our attachments to our perceptions, which happens only once we understand that they are not the whole truth. There is a substratum, a deeper unchanging truth, that…

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Play Small, Or Rest in the Love that Already Is

Image credit: Michael Korchia (Continued from The Gold in February Blues) Happy Valentine’s! My deepest wish for you is that you rest in knowing that the love you seek already exists in the depths of your being because your true nature is love. Though we share love with others throughout our lives, only our sincere connection to the love that we are will provide us with lasting love. Amidst the chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s can amplify feelings of loneliness, rather than deepen our experience of love. Taking place in the middle of a cold, dark winter, the Hallmark holiday can exacerbate any sense of current disconnection. It is hard to know that your true nature is love and that you are loved if you feel powerless by believing that life is happening to you. So to rest in the love that already is, you need to come to a place of sincere willingness to experience the possibility of love – even if you may not see or experience it yet. This requires being open to the notion that the way you perceive may not be completely accurate. It is, after all, only a passing, limited perception, tainted by your beliefs and biases. It is not absolute. When you are attached to the passing perception that life…

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