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The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time, Part 5: Today’s Woman

THE POWER OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IN A DARK TIME: Today’s Woman We have come a long way in a short period of time towards equality between men and women in societies around the world. But there still remains a lot of work to be done in our minds and hearts so we can see each other as true equals – different, yes, but equal in our importance and in the roles we each play. The problem is not “out there”, but within. We must trust our true inner beauty and not buy into externally controlled ideas of beauty. We must trust our innate inner wisdom and not doubt the ways we operate, which is different for men and women. After years of practice, my partner and I have begun to develop a good sense of humour around the way we see things differently. He understands that at times, I just need to talk and only need him to listen and “receive” me – not try to fix me. I understand that he will set up a spreadsheet in an opposite manner to how I would, or he will just need to go out as though he is on a hunt to bring back goods for us to enjoy. Some of these simple things that make…

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Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: Feeling Safe as a Woman

RECLAIMING THE DIVINE FEMININE (Continued from The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time) I had already moved from Montreal in 1989 when the Polytechnique shootings happened. I remember thinking from my Toronto home that it could have been me that was shot and killed that day. I was like those 14 young women, ambitious engineering students who had followed their path to higher education. But unlike them, I had chosen to study at the University of Waterloo. I was in the school of Architecture, which was at that time, and may still be (I honestly don’t know), very much an old boys club. I allowed the energy of that clan to deeply affect the way I felt about myself. Fed up with being a topic of conversation for my long blonde hair and bold attitude, I found myself soon with a shaved head, flirting with the idea of same sex relationships and unconsciously desiring to be more like a man. Needless to say, I became sick every month as an unexplored rage at being was pumping through my body in the form of extremely dysfunctional menstrual cycles. I hated being a woman. For much of my life, being a woman has felt unsafe. I have been subject to two overt physical assaults, one…

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