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Ask Parvati 13: I Suck. Please Love Me.

I SUCK. PLEASE LOVE ME. Self-Love and All That Fun Stuff May 22, 2011 Dear Parvati, I really want a life partner but just can’t seem to find the right person. I have been told I need to work on my self before I can find my life partner, but I must admit I don’t totally get why. Are we not supposed to grow with our partner? I feel like I need to be somehow perfect to attract the right person into my life. I find all this stressful so I thought you could shed some light on this. Thanks. Thank you for the question. Most of us grow up with the idea that someone ‘out there’ will come along some day to fill us up. Mesmerized by fairy tale myths of a perfect prince or princess who will transform our lives into magic, we look (and perhaps are looking) for the one person who would make our lives perfect and bring us the happiness we feel we have been deeply missing. Just like with all fairy tales, “real life” is something different. For the most part, what we commonly call love is some form of unspoken contractual relationships, where “if I act in a certain way, I will get this and that from you, and…

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Ask Parvati 10: The Power of Letting Go

THE POWER OF LETTING GO May 1, 2011 Dear Parvati, I am a bit type A, tending to take charge of situations. I feel good about how much I can get done even under pressure, but I find that afterwards I feel exhausted, headachey, stressed and grumpy. People suggest to me that I need to learn to let go, but I have a hard time relating to that. I think that if I let go, everything would fall apart and I wouldn’t know where to start again. Yet, for some reason, I keep hearing their words in my mind, to let go. How can I begin to let go of some of the stress and not freak out about not being in control? LEARNING TO LET GO Thank you for your question. It is spring and the force of nature is churning. As the trees sprout leaves and flowers burst into life, we can feel an impulse to get active in an attempt to shed physical and psychological winter weight from our lives. Whether you are a type A personality or not, we can overdo these times of seasonal transition and end up with colds, allergies and other physical symptoms, ways our bodies let us know that we had best slow down and learn to let…

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Ask Parvati 2 – Family Relationships – Breaking Free of Feeling Judged

Family Relationships – Breaking Free of Feeling Judged March 6, 2011 Thank you very much for your comments to my past post and for your submissions this round. If you would like your question to be in a draw to be answered next Sunday, please send it to me by Thursday March 10th at I look forward to hearing from you! Have a super week and enjoy the week’s read. Parvati QUESTION: Dear Parvati, I have been brought up in a very controlling family, with very dogmatic religious beliefs. Even though I am an adult now and have been living on my own for a long time, I still feel this fear of being controlled and judged by them, to the point where I don’t even want to talk to them or visit them anymore. How can I move past that and have a healthy, balanced relationship with them? REPLY: Dear Friend, Thank you for your sincere question. Many, I am sure, can relate. No matter what kind of family we are born into, good, loving, kind, abusive, indifferent, we have an opportunity to grow. At a soul level, deeper then the personality, our family members are very powerful teachers that I believe are perfectly matched for what we need to learn in this life. Whether…

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