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Gratitude: The Courage to Receive This Moment

To all Canadians, happy Thanksgiving! The temperatures are cooler. The leaves are turning gold and crimson. Houses are warming up with fires and extra blankets. We are preparing for the deep freeze of winter. I understand that weathermen are predicting a cold one again here in North America! Historically, Thanksgiving in Canada is traced back to Martin Frobisher’s 1578 marine voyage from England in search of the Northwest Passage, a once highly dangerous, ice-thick sea route along the Arctic Ocean connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Due to melting ice, French sportsman Charles Hedrich successfully sailed the Northwest Passage solo in September 2009. It is fitting that this weekend I am putting the finishing touches on a grant submission for my next show, an immersive experience inspired by my trip to the North Pole to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice. With grace, it will be funded and I will share the cornucopia of creativity with you in 2015. Thanks to our British colonialists, Canadians have learned how to say “Thank you”. We have a reputation of being easily apologetic, polite and generally “nice”. It is almost cultural to say “Thank you” many times a day as we interact with colleagues, family, friends and our daily environment. Similar to the casual way in which…

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Gratitude in the Polar Vortex

Dear friends, Thank you. As North America shivered in unusual cold two weeks ago, I felt the warmth of your hearts. Whether you donated money to my Indiegogo campaign, or shared the link with friends, or simply gave us your best wishes, I have been so moved and humbled by your support. We set out to raise funds to create videos for my songs “Shanti Om” and “Yoga in the Nightclub”. In the early days of the campaign, as the ice storm struck Toronto and we were without power or Internet, it seemed as though we might not get there. But slowly as the days went on, as people heard about the campaign, the donations increased and the momentum picked up. I’m happy to announce that we not only met our target, we surpassed it by more than 25%!   THE UNIVERSE SUPPORTS OUR JOY My joy and deep love, as I have mentioned, is to share the amazing gift of life with others through writing, producing and performing music that inspires and uplifts. I recently wrote, By focusing unequivocally on my joy, I align myself with universal, divine will. As I say “YES!” with each breath to my deepest soul joy, my life becomes a living prayer. It is not up to me to then say,…

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Gratitude in Detroit

Hello from Detroit, where I have just spent the week in the presence of my guru Amma. What grace! It is Thanksgiving weekend here in the United States and gratitude is very much on the minds of many here (myself included!). In that spirit, I would like to re-share my series of postings on Thanksgiving and the grace of gratitude. If you have not already done so, please read and enjoy, beginning with Part 1: Complaining is easy. Perhaps that is why so many do it. It has an entropic force that seems to pull us along. It can even be addictive, our ego getting high on our sorry stories, feeling we deserve more, leaving us endlessly wanting. Thanksgiving gives us a gentle reminder to practice gratitude. Yet, many can feel there is little to be grateful for. But when we look at the immensity of the world and all the people on it, we can quickly reconsider any feelings of being hard done by.   If you live in North America, or Europe, you are blessed with a cornucopia of opportunities. We are not in war-torn countries struggling with famine, drought, brutal dictatorships or tyrannical political regimes. We have free will. We have free mobility. We have freedom of speech. We have supportive health care.…

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Thanksgiving and Transcendent Luminosity

Hello friends, We are still in full swing on preparations for my Transcendent Luminosity UK Fall Tour. As part of the preparation, I am publishing the second edition of my book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie: A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker to have on hand for all my tour stops. I am very excited about the journeys people can undertake with this book and with the workshops by the same name. I look forward to sharing them with you very soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share an exercise with you from the book. Since this is Thanksgiving week in Canada, may it serve as a reminder of the power of gratitude in our lives. Go outside for a walk. Take a look more closely at the immense complexity of life, the many layers and intricacies. What force runs through all you see? Remember, you are a part of it all! Take three long, deep breaths and allow that thought to sink in deeply and bring about a feeling of awe. In that “wow” for this moment, there is the tremendous power of gratitude just waiting for you to breathe it all in and know that you are loved. Again, take three long, deep breaths and open to the love.   Peace, Parvati

Transforming Pain into Love

From Self-Betrayal To Self-Love: Steadiness and Gratitude On The Path Part 2: Transforming Pain into Love Today is Maha Sivaratri, an annual Hindu celebration in praise of Lord Siva who out of compassion drank poison and in so doing, saved the world. “Om Namah Sivaya!” to all those who honour this festival. Every year this celebration happens during Lent, when Christians turn their hearts and prayers towards Easter. Though my spiritual teacher was born in the Hindu tradition, I grew up in a Christian home. I went to Sunday school every weekend, said grace at meals and was guided by parents who openly discussed their faith. My father had a daily morning contemplative practice and my grandmother was the first to introduce me to meditation and practiced for over 50 years. After a year living in India, having left my career as an architect to deepen my understanding of yoga and meditation, though circumstance I ended up working part time as a lay assistant minister (non-ordained) for the church where I was baptized in Montreal. I have felt a close relationship with this spiritual path and have felt very grateful for the guidance I received as a child to be open to spiritual “otherness”, no matter what spiritual path we may choose. Yet, the whole Judas betraying…

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Ask Parvati 32: Gratitude, The Action Of Grace – Part 4: Thanking Adversity

PART 4: THANKING ADVERSITY(Continued from Thanking Illness) We would all love our lives to flow. Experiencing green lights along our path feels smooth and effortless and can give us a sense of being on path. Yet we all have bumps along the way at some point. We often tend to see adversity through a black and white lens: seeing obstacles and challenges as a sign of failure, or seeing them as some mysterious blessing we yet have to uncover. We can may hope to learn from our mistakes but feel unsure how. We can also believe that there are no mistakes, that all is good, in denial of our responsibility in our happenings. But what if practicing gratitude for what is, shows us something beyond these polarities? It is my belief that we are constantly supported by a much greater whole while our consciousness goes through a process of refinement. As I explored in my last blog entries on creating our reality, what we experience is a reflection of our thoughts. So if we do not like our life, we need to change our beliefs and refine our state of consciousness. Many people can take a downer approach and berate their life and inwardly fight what is, in some frustrated effort to change. That kind of judgemental and tense attitude will create suffering. Others may take what I would call a bit more of…

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Ask Parvati 32: Gratitude, The Action of Grace – Part 3: Thanking Illness

PART 3: THANKING ILLNESS (Continued from It Is All Grace) Colds. Flus. Injuries. Accidents. We have all suffered from various illnesses to varying degrees of severity. When we are met with something that challenges our health, many of us can feel irritable that our busy lives have come to a grinding halt. The illness can feel like it is in the way. Our body is no longer doing what “we” want “it” to do. We feel less in control, perhaps even powerless, and that canbring up all sorts of deep emotions and possible spiritual awakenings. (I look at this more in depth in my blog entry Listen To Your Body Talk). Many may choose to medicate their way through any discomfort until it has passed and they can resume their lives. There is nothing wrong with medication, as long as it is done with mindfulness, not as a means to move away from or numb our sense of personal connection, the voice of our soul. There is a time and place for everything. If you are faced with an illness, perhaps try to thank the illness for the experience you are having. That may sound backwards, but perhaps it is not. If we give thanks for what we have, we begin to release resistance to it. When we release resistance, we let go of undue energy tied up in things that…

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Ask Parvati 32: Gratitude, the Action of Grace – Part 2: It Is All Grace

PART 2: IT IS ALL GRACE (Continued from Giving Thanks for All We Have) I am from Montreal. In Quebec, Thanksgiving is called L’Action de Grace, which literally means, the Act of Grace. I love that name. The Act of Grace. Why would Thanksgiving be connected to the act of grace? Perhaps it is that all we have in our lives is an act of grace. We tend to think of the painful things as mistakes and the good stuff as luck. Or perhaps we think of the stuff we like as grace, a gift from beyond, and things we don’t like as a curse. However we choose to see the moment and understand our life, we must ask, what is grace? Do we have any control over it? How can we amplify it? Where does it come from? Grace to me is an alignment between our Nature Body (the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies, or sheaths that create our aura) and the Cosmic Intelligence Body (the etheric, astral, causal, mental and alien realms). When our Nature Body and the Cosmic Intelligence Body align, we have usually an “a-ha” moment, where all seems to brighten and go from monochrome to technicolour. Somehow, our field of perception just broadened. That alignment, I call Grace. For the most part, many of us are walking around through our days somewhat cockeyed, feeling disconnected,…

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Ask Parvati 32: Gratitude, the Action of Grace – Part 1: Giving Thanks For All We Have

GRATITUDE Dear Parvati, I have learned that approaching circumstances with gratitude is a great catalyst for opening, transformation and healing. But sometimes it’s really hard. I especially struggle to find gratitude in situations in which I perceive injustice. I also am not really all that happy with my own life. How do we feel gratitude when faced with personal dissatisfaction and with so much unrighteousness all over the world? Thank you for this question. This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so I presume that is partly what fuelled your question. Gratitude is a key that unlocks many riches and much joy. Let us explore the notion of gratitude this week. PART 1: GIVING THANKS FOR ALL WE HAVE This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Whether you celebrate with a turkey, contemplate grateful thoughts or prefer to skip it all together, this celebration is a true Canadian happening that can support your spiritual awakening if you so choose. As in the US, Canadian Thanksgiving blends the European and Native traditions to give thanks for the harvests. But in Canada, Thanksgiving also celebrates a homecoming. In 1578, the explorer Martin Frobisher held an official ceremony in Newfoundland to give thanks for his safe journey through the Arctic Ocean’s Northwest Passage. A year ago, I echoed Frobisher’s thanks during…

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