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Positive Possibilities Reminder – August 13

When we have a super busy life, we may immediately react to the idea of meditation by perceiving it as just another thing we have to fit into an already packed schedule. Since meditation is a practice, the more we put into it, the more we get out of it. Every moment spent in quiet sitting meditation has always yielded many inexplicable jewels for me. As I say, the more I meditate, the more time I have. My mind is quieter. I see more clearly. I act with greater insight and confidence. I get more done. I feel happier, more energized and more relaxed. #parvati #positivepossibilities #positivepossibilitieslady #positivepossibilitiesreminder #lightworker #dailyreminder #dailyquote #guidance #personalgrowth #spiritualgrowth #wisdom #lifemakeover #universe #cocreation #breathe #universe #personaltransformation #happiness #love #joy #clarity #calm #meditate #meditation #namaste

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Epilogue: What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

THANK YOU! A really big heartfelt thank you for all the amazing feedback I received this week from those who were sincerely and deeply touched by my experience this past year, and those who were touched by my blog entries this past week called The Miracle of Nature‚Äôs Healing. Many of you shared your similar experiences as the tsunami hit Japan and as the Earth changes. What Grace that we all walk this Earth together, both similar and unique, and all seeking love and desiring fulfillment in our own way. It is to me as though we are each a ray of light from a brilliant rainbow, important in our contribution and one within the whole. When we open to each other, we connect and we feel the love we ultimately seek. Because of this, I encourage you as we move forward on this blog site to post more comments on this page so that we may develop this community of like-minded people. I can guarantee from all the feedback I am getting, that you are by far not alone in what you are going through. So let us help each other and grow together here. I would also like to hear from you as to what you may need from me so that I may…

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