Love Is The Only Way

When we come to understand that our true nature is eternal luminosity, we will see that only love, compassion and wisdom will set us free. No amount of figuring out, strategizing, plotting or planning will end violence. We have tried these strategies many times through history. If they worked, we would not now be in a situation that my 92-year-old vet friend calls worse than World War 2.

Parvati | Play Small, Or Rest in the Love that Already Is

Play Small, Or Rest in the Love that Already Is

Image credit: Michael Korchia (Continued from The Gold in February Blues) Happy Valentine’s! My deepest wish for you is that you rest in knowing that the love you seek already exists in the depths of your being because your true nature is love. Though we share love with others throughout our lives, only our sincere …

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Parvati | Always Within Love's Embrace

Always Within Love's Embrace

I have had the great blessing of spending this past week in Detroit with my guru from South India, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also lovingly known as Amma or Mother. Being in the presence of a fully realized master is indescribable. One who has gone beyond the limitations of the mind cannot be understood with …

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Parvati | The Effortless Ease of Being

The Effortless Ease of Being

Meeting The Moment Without Stress Fifteen or twenty years ago, I heard someone say that if you are stressed, you are in your ego. At that time, I had no idea if that were true or what a life without stress would look like. But somehow, the words stuck in the recesses of my mind. …

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Parvati | Healing Pain Through Love and Acceptance

Healing Pain Through Love and Acceptance

LOVING MYSELF AND THE WORLD BEYOND CONDITION The choices you make right now, based on how you choose to perceive this moment, are literally creating your future. This month’s Parvati Magazine explores the theme Equilibrium. My article “Finding Balance In Relationships” looks at how our core beliefs affect how we perceive and therefore choose to …

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Parvati and Rishi married

My Wedding Speech

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since Rishi and I became an official married couple. Yay! We are still amazed and in awe of the beauty of our ceremonies and festivities. In light of this joy, I feel moved to share the speech I gave at our wedding reception. May those who attended the gathering enjoy …

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I Am Married!

I am very happy that I am now a married woman. I never thought I would get married. In fact, my long-time partner Rishi had been asking me to marry him for the past ten years. Each time, I kept saying, “I feel like we are already married.” It was not only that Amma, our spiritual …

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