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Ask Parvati 39: Overcoming Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety – Part 1: What Is Stage Fright?

Letting Go Of Fear And “Playing It Small” Dear Parvati, I had to give a presentation at work last week and I almost threw up because I felt so anxious. I always start to shake when I have to do any kind of speaking or performing in front of a group. When I was a kid, I took piano lessons. I was pretty good, but when it came time to perform at a recital I would just freeze sitting there at the piano, my mind a blank, my hands cold and clammy. Eventually I’d remember the music, but my hands shook so much I could barely play. One time I just ran off the stage in tears because I’d gotten stuck on the same mistake over and over. (The teacher got really mad at me that time.) This extreme “stage fright” is starting to affect my ability to move forward in my career and I really wish I could change this about myself. As a performer, have you ever gotten stage fright? What did you do about it? PART 1: WHAT IS STAGE FRIGHT? Thank you for this question. I get it. The medical term for stage fright is “glossophobia”, derived from the Greek words “glossa” (tongue) and “phobos” (fear or dread). Stage fright happens when…

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Ask Parvati 20 – Tantra: Yoga Is Everywhere, Part 2: Yoga Flowers

  YOGA FLOWERS (Continued from Part 1: Freedom in Freedom)   There is tremendous value in discipline. The riches found in yoga and meditation practices blossom with frequent watering. I had already established a wonderful rhythm now in full motion, which felt expansive, so I kept the momentum going. I began to meet my morning practice with a willingness to listen to and serve the still small voice within. By being quiet and receptive, I was open to answers. Having become stifled by my rigorous Hatha yoga practice of “shoulds”, I went through a two-year period when that still small voice told me to lie there, every day, for an hour. Each day, during my regular practice time, all I did was savasana (lying on the floor, face up), allowing myself to dissolve into the ground, into my body, into the moment. As I followed the spacious impulse that fed my yoga and meditation practice, I was drawn to express that same joyful expanse through my musical compositions and performances. I became clearer about the spiritual impulse and intentions that fed my musical compositions and performing. At that time, I was also guided to take more modern dance classes. Though I had seen her perform prior to this, it was then that I came into contact…

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