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The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time

As the sun moves further away from the Earth, and the days grow even shorter, this weekend, December 6, marks a somber anniversary of the 1989 Polytechnique shootings and caps off 16 Days of Activism on Gender Violence. This blog entry and the ones subsequent will touch upon violence against women in the context of the need for greater respect for the feminine principle that exists in both men and women. Days marked for remembrance, be they for the tragedy of the Polytechnique, or days like Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, help us take pause and remember the value of the women in our lives and give thanks. In so doing, hopefully, we become more aware of the important role women play in society through our understanding of health, nature, spirituality and culture as a whole. Each day of remembrance is like a mindfulness meditation chime that rings in the midst of our sitting practice – a sonic moment that pulls us from indifference into greater awareness. With practice, we learn to live every day with the broader awareness we may experience on these “special” days. No one is untouched by the love of a woman. All of human life emerges from her body. Whether or not our relationship with our biological mother was close…

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Ask Parvati 11: Be A Mother To Yourself

Be A Mother To Yourself Mother’s Day, May 08, 2011 Dear Parvati, Every year when Mother’s Day comes around, I feel conflicted. My own mother died ten years ago. She was emotionally distant and judgmental and no matter what I did, it never seemed to be enough for her to really love and accept me unconditionally. In addition, I have not yet become a mother myself. I feel sad about this, but I am also afraid that if I do have children, I might repeat the pattern of my childhood and pass on my wounds to them. How can I find a place of love and acceptance, and move on with my life? WOUNDS: WE ALL HAVE THEM Wounds. We all have them, whether we hurt because we lose the love we thought we had or we are hurt black and blue from a bad physical accident. When we were children, we instinctively called for our mother to help us up after we took a spill, or to soothe our aching hearts. Our mother was to come and wrap us up with that perfect embrace, whisper the perfect words that were to help us find our way back to wholeness. Or so we hoped. Whether or not you feel you had the perfect childhood or one…

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