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Being in the Wake of Violence, Part 4

Image credit: Bill Young HEALING TRUTH (Continued from Part 3) This blog post, the last in a series called “Being In the Wake of Violence”, goes live in the midst of escalating violence around the world, where cruel acts are reported daily in the news. This post also goes live on a holy weekend, when Jews remember their freedom from slavery in Egypt and Christians celebrate Christ’s message of eternal life. It seems that even the stars tell us that through humility and stillness, we find our pure light. The full lunar eclipse yesterday morning reminds us that we are always close to our shadows; that there, but by grace, go I. We do have the choice to act with love and compassion for ourselves and others, no matter what life brings. My personal healing from violent assaults involved coming to the complete and full understanding that painful acts inflicted upon me are never about me. They are expressions of someone else’s pain rooted in that person’s suffering and ignorance. Yes, my body and my life were almost taken by them. But the painful actions could have happened to anyone.  I suffered when I lost sight of this truth and co-created in the shared suffering. Forgiveness grew from understanding that another’s actions were not happening “to”…

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It Is Up To Me: Cultivating Self-Love

From Self-Betrayal To Self-Love: Steadiness and Gratitude On The Path Part 3: It Is Up To Me Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing here what I learned when I recently found that I was being unkind to myself. My last post was during the first period of Lent, as Christians prepare for Easter. Today I post this blog entry as we enter into the week of Passover, a Jewish festival that celebrates the miraculous release from slavery. To some extent, we all have parts of ourselves that feel enslaved, whether we are conscious of them or not. It is also a tendency for most of us to want others to free us from these painful places. But as I was reminded in my recent experience, when I saw that I was turning myself black and blue, it is not for anyone else to “save” me, take away my pain or fix my perceived broken bits. I need to face my inner demons just as you do, just as the next person does – on my own, in my own time, in my own way. It is a kind of miracle to realize that we have the ability to free ourselves in this way. By turning on our inner light, we invite grace, transformation…

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Reborn to Freedom: Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Happy Easter, Gut Yom toff and Chag Sameach!   As a child, I loved going to church even more on Easter than at Christmas. Yes, I loved singing Handel’s Messiah, with the Hallelujah chorus. I loved the mystique of a church sprinkled with lights “in the bleak mid-winter”. I loved the Christmas message, how the birth of eternal love comes through the innocence of the child that exists within us all. But at Easter, the church, in my child’s eyes, always seemed to be bursting with flowers. And you know how much I love flowers!   Flowers are a symbol of new life. They remind us of possibility and effortless being. They remind us of the sweetness of life when we are aligned with our true beauty. And flowers return each spring, bringing with them the same message of hope and inspiration, just as Easter brings us the message of rebirth, reunion and rejoicing.   I have always felt a very close connection to a particular Biblical passage that expresses the joy of flowers beautifully:   “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them… See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet…

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