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Patience and Love for the Earth

Hello friends, It is another cold day in southern Ontario as spring continues to be elusive. But soon, it will be here. Time seems to be moving so quickly this year with all Rishi and I are doing – preparing for the release of two music videos, a surround sound album and show, and more in 2014. Here is a picture from one of the photo shoots we did this week with my talented friends: photographer Eric Benchimol and makeup artist Michelle Flannigan. I am not a huge fan of snow and cold, but I believe that we have the option to practice patience in situations that we may not like. You can read more about the power of patience in one of my past Ask Parvati columns. And any time is a good time to practice compassion for Mother Nature. If she is acting in a manner that seems deranged, we must consider: what is the cause for her suffering? As I have written in the past, our planet is a living organism to which we are all connected. If the planet is stressed, I feel we must ask ourselves in which way we are contributing to that stress. Then we can take action to help reduce any toxic impact we may have. Earth Hour…

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Ask Parvati 37: Feeling Under Attack – Part 1: The Power of Patience

Dear Parvati, I am having difficulty managing angry feelings toward one of my supervisors. He criticized me harshly during a presentation I was giving in front of a crowd. I know that it was meant to be personal. What made me even more angry than the slag was that I couldn’t fight back or defend myself in that moment. I felt powerless, and I had to swallow the anger that came up. I have been fuming over it for days. In my less angry moments, I absolutely recognize my role in this conflict and the attachments and distorted boundaries that I helped to build, which have led to this. I also know that what feels rooted, vital and expansive is if I were able to let go of these attachments, and with that, the anger and hurt. But my ego is still fuming, and I can’t “get over it”. I also feel some anxiety about having to work with him again, which I will have to do regularly. Help! I think I need to re-build boundaries that were violated, but I feel so vulnerable right now. No doubt this kind of attack brings up feelings of being attacked by my mother when I was a child and feeling powerless and afraid. My question relates to handling these…

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Update: Ask Parvati returns on Sunday

Dear Friends, My apologies for the delay in this week’s postings. There was a medical emergency in my family yesterday that has taken and continues to take all my attention. As such I will not be posting this week’s blog entries until next Sunday. In the meantime, there are four juicy articles I wrote for Parvati Magazine that were just posted, so please go to There you will find all you need to fill you this week and beyond. With Grace, I will post this Sunday, as usual, and throughout next week. Parvati PS: The first section of my answer to this week’s question is on patience. I suppose, as fate would have it, that the delay in my posts this week helps us all practice just that. How amazing.