Love Is The Only Way

When we come to understand that our true nature is eternal luminosity, we will see that only love, compassion and wisdom will set us free. No amount of figuring out, strategizing, plotting or planning will end violence. We have tried these strategies many times through history. If they worked, we would not now be in a situation that my 92-year-old vet friend calls worse than World War 2.

Parvati | Freedom of Speech in an Interconnected World

Freedom of Speech in an Interconnected World

Avant tout, nous sommes des âmes: Freedom of Speech in an Interconnected World We are blessed to live in a society where we have the right to read this blog. As I mentioned when I shared the story of a young girl who fled North Korea a few weeks ago, there are nations around our …

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Time for Peace

I am interested in that which inspires clarity of mind and compassion of heart. I need this, because I – like most of us on the planet – am growing and learning to become more conscious, loving and aware. I know that in order to be clear, I need to feed my mind, heart and soul with things that make me into the most patient, kind, wise and loving person I can be. I rely on that which helps me focus on the light of the sun, so that I may imbibe its qualities and have the greatest amount of compassion to serve those who are suffering from passing clouds or torrential tsunamis.