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Sacred Sexuality: Beyond Wanting – Part 2: Body Language

(Continued from Sex and Spirituality) Whether we are heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, a polygamist, a monogamist, or celibate, our physical body is part of a vast, multidimensional whole. What we do, think, feel, taste, smell and touch is never limited in isolation to our immediate sense of self, but has ripple effects throughout the entire universe. When we communicate, we take in and impart information. For most, this is thought of as a verbal exchange. But for those who are sensitive to otherness, we understand that there is no such thing as purely verbal information. In addition to what we speak, we are also sharing our emotional presence, all the contents of our body language, the subtle innuendos, and our vibrational intentions. When we share with someone, we are in contact not just with the physical being that we see, but with all that person’s past thoughts, experiences and actions, as well as all energies with which they have been in contact. We are in touch with the totality of their soul’s evolutionary journey. Even when we are physically alone, we are never truly alone. Whatever we think, feel or do, we are continually in communication with an immense universe that comes home to us through our physical body. The body is literally a channel for unseen…

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Ask Parvati 31: Relationship Complications – Part 5, Moving Through Depression And Attracting The Love You Want

PART FIVE: MOVING THROUGH DEPRESSION AND ATTRACTING THE LOVE YOU WANT (Continued from Letting Go of Wounds) Question: It seems I have this pending topic 12 years ago and I fell on a depression state but in that moment I didn’t follow a therapy or anything. How can I deal with that and start trusting myself and a possible future partner, from a difference perspective out of ego? It hurts so bad and I feel blackened… My answer: If you still struggle with depression, it is best to work with a trained therapist to help support your healing. I would also suggest taking a look at the blog entries I wrote in the past specifically on depression and despair. You may find them very useful. We are only going to attract the partner that we wish to have in our life, once we have found a true loving connection with ourself. I leave that as a single paragraph to emphasize how important this is! We are only going to attract the partner that we wish to have in our life once we have found a true loving connection to ourself. So important! We all have to face a deep wound: feeling lack of love. It seems to be part of the human condition. The problem is,…

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Video: What Are The Positive Possibilities?

Dear friends, Here is a video in which I explain Positive Possibilities and Impossibilities. I go more into depth on this subject in my article for this month’s edition of Parvati Magazine and, of course, in previous entries for this blog. Let me know what you think!

Introducing Parvati Magazine

Hello Friends,This week has been very busy for me. I have been preparing to perform as the headliner for the St Pete Yoga Festival in Florida this October, and getting ready to launch the first issue of Parvati Magazine. Thanks to the popularity of this blog, I felt inspired to reach out to some friends and ask if they would be willing to gather as a strong, conscious community, offering you broad support to live in the Positive Possibilities. The response was excellent and hence, the birth of Parvati Magazine. Interestingly, this week I did not receive a question for “Ask Parvati.” So I took it as a sign from the universe to invite you to dive into the magazine and enjoy. Without further ado, I am very pleased to announce the launch of Parvati Magazine! Below is the flyer that heralds the launch. Please go to and check it out for yourself!   In honour of the magazine launch, I will be posting entries this week introducing you to my friends who made the magazine possible. So please come back each day for more juicy bits. In addition, please keep sending me your questions for “Ask Parvati”. I enjoy receiving them and the process of responding. In the meantime, enjoy Parvati Magazine! Be well,…

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Ask Parvati 26: Follow Your Bliss – Part 2, Name It To Claim It

PART 2: NAME IT TO CLAIM IT (Continued from Whose Life Are You Living?) “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
 – Eleanor Roosevelt I have shared in these blog entries the need for us to challenge our core beliefs, because there we find the voices of external authority that we have internalized, which are not the voice of our soul. We need to ask ourselves, who is really in the driver’s seat of our lives? Is it our soul joy? Or are we trying to please our mother, our father, our schoolteacher or our religious leader? We need to look at what is writing the story of our life and reclaim authorship over it. Our unconscious patterns are part of creating our reality until we have the courage to look within and find out what is really going on. In my case, the depression and ill health I experienced when I was in architecture was a gift from my soul that helped me wake up to live the life that expresses my joy. Living the life of an artist is not an easy one. I understand why my parents, though they encouraged my artistic skills, discouraged it as a career path. There is tremendous financial uncertainty and stress and…

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Ask Parvati 25: Depression And Despair – Part 5: The Power Of Perception And Core Beliefs

PART 5: THE POWER OF PERCEPTION AND CORE BELIEFS (Continued from Depression And Anger) We are what we think ourselves to be. We are what we perceive. We are what we believe. I am not suggesting that life can be summed up by “you think, therefore you become”. We are part of a vast whole within which we co-create. We are not a singular, linear system that has absolute control. We have the power of free will and the ability to choose how we think, act and react. What we think, believe, perceive and feel deeply affects the quality of our life. In the cave of depression and when we witness despair, we can feel safe to look within and challenge our core beliefs. We may be holding on to outdated beliefs about ourselves, about others and about the world that keep us small and hidden. The cave of depression can become an incubator for newness, just as when we were in the womb. In the practice of witnessing, we become open to the field of possibility and learn to see things as they are, allowing ourselves to flourish in the fullness of the whole. We live in a world that still does not quite value the feminine qualities of receptivity, introspection, emotional fluidity, and intuition…

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PART 7: The Tortoise and the Hare (Continued from “To Be And Not To Do”) An Ayurvedic doctor once encouraged me to “think turtle”. I was very ungrounded after a year living in India, where I had a near death experience and an entire unraveling of all I knew. With this simple slogan, he was kindly trying to help me ground and be more rooted in my body/being. I have thought a lot about turtles over the years. The motto “think turtle” helped me grow calm when I would get wired up. It helped me feel more connected to the Mother Earth. Turtles, in their slow-moving bodies, seem powerfully connected, wise and humble. The classic fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” became a personal favourite for me. The story is about a hare that mocks the slow moving tortoise and challenges him to a race. With cocky confidence, the hare quickly leaves the hare behind. With a strong lead in the race, the hare decides to take a nap. He awakens to find the tortoise crawling slowly and steadily across the finish line before him. To me our minds are like the hare, jumping around, racing ahead in spurts and starts. The tortoise is like our deeper selves that we learn to trust, with which we must connect. We…

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PART 6: TO BE AND NOT TO DO (Continued from “When Is Enough Enough?”) The very energy of life is dynamic. We hold on tight to the notion of our selves “doing” to grab onto some sense of solidity, some sense of control, some sense that we, our perception of a divided self, matters. From that perspective, we fear that if we were to be, we would turn into a puddle and do nothing. We fear we would not know how to even get out of bed in the morning because we would melt into an amorphous oblivion. But as we start to let go of the idea of i-dentity, the i-dea of being i-solated i-slands, separate, each fighting for our own sense of self-importance, we begin to touch a sacred dance that has been carrying us all along. We then see that the fear of doing nothing, if we were to let go of the idea that I am the doer, is in fact not at all possible because all that is, is dancing. When we are in non-resistance to what is, we are all like cosmic dancers, dancing within life’s sacred dance. When we live on auto-pilot and do not question the nature of reality, we believe that we are the doers. We believe…

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PART 5: WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? (Continued from “Karma Yoga: Action As A Means To Self-Realization”) Mildred Norman was an American pacifist, vegetarian and peace activist.  Born modestly on a farm in New Jersey, she felt an inner call in her mid life to simply walk for peace and listen to God. In 1953 she adopted the name “Peace Pilgrim” and walked across the United States for 28 years. Her only possessions were the clothes on her back and the few items she carried in the pockets of her blue tunic which read “Peace Pilgrim” on the front and “25,000 Miles on foot for peace” on the back. She was backed by no organization, carried no money, and never asked for food or shelter. She vowed to “remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food.” I love her inspirational teachings. She offers much insight on how to live with complete integrity, true simplicity and utter faith. In one of her few printed texts, she says, “Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.” We all have stuff — and a lot of it! Do we really need all…

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PART 4: KARMA YOGA: ACTION AS A MEANS TO SELF-REALIZATION (Continued from “In This Moment, We Have All We Need”) We habitually think of tasks to be done like objects outside ourselves to be conquered and cleared. We see errands to be removed from our to do lists, so that we may eventually find freedom and ease. And yet all that is, is an expression of pure consciousness. And all that has form, all that is before us, around us, within us, is the result of an eternal love affair between matter and consciousness. The Hindus call this Lila, the Divine Play unfolding, of which we are a part. There are many different kinds of yogas. The most commonly known physical practice of yoga, Hatha yoga, is only one aspect of a broad life science. In karma yoga, the aspiring yogi is asked to practice seeing action as a means to self-liberation. He learns to see the tasks that are before him as an opportunity to serve and realize God. In this practice, serving is not seen as something done to another, to one who is believed to be separate from oneself. All that is, is seen as a reflection of oneself and of the divine. To serve another is to serve God. The revered humanitarian,…

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