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Sobering Truths About Women’s Rights

Today is International Women’s Day. It was first observed on February 28, 1909, in New York, before women had the right vote. Over the years, the day has changed flavours, from an expression of respect, appreciation and love towards women, to a declaration of women’s rights and a celebration for female economic, political, and social achievements. I feel grateful that on this day, the beauty, power and grace of women, who not only have contributed to cultural evolution and her-story (a.k.a. his-tory) but are also part of the very fabric of life, are celebrated and remembered. Yet, since women are a profoundly essential part of the very fabric of life, from whose loins all humans are born, without whom no human would exist, is not life itself the very celebration of women and testament to their innate potency? Over a century since the first Women’s Day was declared, our world, sadly, does not yet see women with the respect and dignity deserved. It may be tempting to see International Women’s Day as redundant. We may feel that the causes that triggered the first Women’s Day events have been won. These sobering statistics may help you see how far we yet have to go: Violence Globally, about one in three women will be beaten, raped or otherwise…

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Reclaiming the Divine Feminine: Feeling Safe as a Woman

RECLAIMING THE DIVINE FEMININE (Continued from The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time) I had already moved from Montreal in 1989 when the Polytechnique shootings happened. I remember thinking from my Toronto home that it could have been me that was shot and killed that day. I was like those 14 young women, ambitious engineering students who had followed their path to higher education. But unlike them, I had chosen to study at the University of Waterloo. I was in the school of Architecture, which was at that time, and may still be (I honestly don’t know), very much an old boys club. I allowed the energy of that clan to deeply affect the way I felt about myself. Fed up with being a topic of conversation for my long blonde hair and bold attitude, I found myself soon with a shaved head, flirting with the idea of same sex relationships and unconsciously desiring to be more like a man. Needless to say, I became sick every month as an unexplored rage at being was pumping through my body in the form of extremely dysfunctional menstrual cycles. I hated being a woman. For much of my life, being a woman has felt unsafe. I have been subject to two overt physical assaults, one…

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