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Bonding Over Electronica

Bonding Over Electronica I am now back from doing my show and my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshops as part of the St Pete Yoga Festival in the Tampa, Florida area. It was an excellent time. I met super people and was able to be part of a new wave of conscious energy in that part of the world. The show promoters arranged that I would meet a couple local dancers who would learn my choreography and perform with me at the festival. Five days before I was to perform, I met Lana and Kerry, two yoga teachers who were willing to be part of the show. It took some yogic adaptability on their part to get their heads around what they had signed up for: a fully choreographed show, not free form improvised movement. Oh my! Not being trained dancers, they adjusted and rolled with the opportunity with grace and skill. We met and worked together each day for hours. There was a lot to learn. I watched them move, understood where they were at and modified the choreography to suit their comfort level. We ended up with an excellent final product, a show that wove together a couple local yoga teachers who played the role of reptiles that transform into Disco Yoga Tantric…

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Ask Parvati 33: When Are We Being Too Rational?

Dear Parvati, I’m still having a really hard time thinking outside of the box and thinking about possible experiences. I am not happy in my current work situation but fear taking risks. I know the kind of person I am. I need to feel financially stable before I make a move. I won’t throw all my money to the wind and say, “let’s travel the world”. But I want to travel and take courses but I need to feel like I have an interest in the travel and there is a reason why I’m there (besides just the experience). Am I being too rational about all this? Do I just need to take a plunge? That scares me to no end. Please advise. ALONG THE SPIRITUAL PATH, WHEN ARE WE BEING TOO RATIONAL? Being rational is an impediment to the spiritual path when it squelches joy and stops us from expanding and evolving. Joy is expansive. Joy amplifies evolution, as evolution in its very nature is in alignment with the fundamental vibration of the universe, which is love. Joy is one of the things we bring when we pass from this Earth. When our body disintegrates and all matter that we thought was who we were is no longer, our spirit soars and our soul moves…

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Parvati Magazine – November 2011

Hi everyone, This is Pranada with a quick post while Parvati is in Florida getting ready for her show this weekend. The November 2011 issue of Parvati Magazine is now live. Please go and check it out! From Parvati’s “Letter from the Editor” article:As the weather turns colder, the days shorten. Nature turns inward and so must we. Potentially attached to our external tendency, we can get hung up on life being a certain way. We can become habituated to fast paced living and getting things done when we want them to be. As the fall wraps its cool breeze around our lives, as the leaves turn brilliant colours and float to the ground, we are reminded of the power of letting go.

A Life of Charity

A LIFE OF CHARITY I am about to head down to St. Petersburg, Florida where I will be performing to headline the St Pete Yoga Festival. So think of me next Saturday night, October 22nd, and send lots of happy thoughts of fun and delight. I will be sending you the very same. The following day, I will be teaching a YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshop, then a full day workshop that week. Performing is a great joy of mine, sharing the love I have for music, singing through a vibrant array of colours, movement and sounds. I am happy with my show and thoroughly enjoy it. I can’t wait to share the new costumes with you. They are stellar! (Big thank you to Sunanda for that!) Throughout the week, I will be in rehearsal with dancers/yoginis I will meet there. I have never met them before, let alone worked with them. They have been reviewing the choreography for my show, which we will go over and weave together this week, in preparation for the big night. So this week will be full of rehearsals for me, directing, blocking, coming up with alternate choreography, supporting technical lighting work and art directing. Then, on the night, I let all that go and step into the role…

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Introducing Parvati Magazine

Hello Friends,This week has been very busy for me. I have been preparing to perform as the headliner for the St Pete Yoga Festival in Florida this October, and getting ready to launch the first issue of Parvati Magazine. Thanks to the popularity of this blog, I felt inspired to reach out to some friends and ask if they would be willing to gather as a strong, conscious community, offering you broad support to live in the Positive Possibilities. The response was excellent and hence, the birth of Parvati Magazine. Interestingly, this week I did not receive a question for “Ask Parvati.” So I took it as a sign from the universe to invite you to dive into the magazine and enjoy. Without further ado, I am very pleased to announce the launch of Parvati Magazine! Below is the flyer that heralds the launch. Please go to and check it out for yourself!   In honour of the magazine launch, I will be posting entries this week introducing you to my friends who made the magazine possible. So please come back each day for more juicy bits. In addition, please keep sending me your questions for “Ask Parvati”. I enjoy receiving them and the process of responding. In the meantime, enjoy Parvati Magazine! Be well,…

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