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The Effortless Ease of Being

Meeting The Moment Without Stress Fifteen or twenty years ago, I heard someone say that if you are stressed, you are in your ego. At that time, I had no idea if that were true or what a life without stress would look like. But somehow, the words stuck in the recesses of my mind. They have acted as a backdrop to the ongoing spiritual experiment that is my life. As I have been in the recent process of honouring an unstoppable force moving through my life, a new vibration has begun to reverberate in my cells. I now feel closer than ever to understanding what a life without stress means, and what it looks like to live in effortless ease in every moment, every day. Through my Hatha Yoga practice and teaching, I have come to know that any form of movement that arises from wanting is one that perpetuates or creates karma. Whether we push into a pose and reach for some elusive sense of externalized perfection, or move out of a pose feeling uneasy or even repulsed by what we felt in it, we are acting from an unyogic, that is, non-unified or divisive, state of mind. This will only generate suffering for ourselves and others. At its heart, Hatha Yoga is not…

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The Unstoppable Force

I am making room for the unstoppable force. It is not an idea, a vision born of my mind, for that is made of thoughts which are temporal and passing. It is not a passion that churns in my heart, nor a voice that yearns to be heard as it echoes through time. It is not an itch that only wants to be scratched, nor a restless desire that seeks to be fulfilled. It is no longing that swells in my soul as I hope and dream, nor a call that drives my moods and actions. The unstoppable force is that which already is and can be changed by no will of my own. It is now and forever, born and unseen, present and unchanging. It exists through all, yet has no form. To identify with form is to attempt to contain it. It rises through my spine like a volcanic heat that runs through a corridor of dispassion. It is witness to the suffering of the world, at one with the pain, the beauty, the sorrow and the bliss of life and untouched by it all. It asks nothing and is made of no thing. Yet it creates, destroys and sustains all I know and beyond. My passions, thoughts, visions and ideas – all the…

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