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Feel Alive and Inspired with YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine

Feel Alive and Inspired with YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine Canadian yogini, musician, activist and author Parvati invites you to look at yoga in a whole new way with guided practices that combine yoga with chi-energy work. A wise, compassionate and adept teacher, Parvati is the founder of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine. Her workshops have toured North America and the UK to rave reviews. Parvati is now launching a YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine guided audio CD and DVD to help everyone enjoy the benefits of YEM. Beyond a simple hybrid of yoga and chi-energy work, YEM is a revolutionary practice for cultivating a life rooted in ease, joy and abundance. It surpasses the boundaries of today’s yoga market to reach a broader audience that includes healing arts, personal growth, global awareness and meditation. Parvati says, “YEM differs from other current yoga styles in that it is not about how far you may be able to physically stretch or bend, but about the deep and subtle awareness you develop in every position, about how you are vastly interconnected within a loving whole, a force that is expressed through you in every moment. By contacting this life force, you can cultivate a conscious relationship with it so that your yoga pose – and ultimately your life…

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You’re The First To Know: YEM CD and DVD

Hello friends, I am excited to let you know that I am officially launching my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine CD and DVD this week! Though they have been unofficially available for a while, I never actually launched them, sent out a press release, or got them into stores. That is changing now, and as a loyal reader of this blog you are the first to know. Yoga has been a love affair for me since I took my first class at sixteen. I have studied yoga through the Sivananda, Iyengar, Scaravelli and Ashtanga schools, and studied Ayurveda and Chi Kung. While I was learning and practicing yoga in India, I had a near death experience that changed my life forever. It amplified the intuitive skills I have had since I was a child and confirmed that we are so much more than physical beings. YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine came to me effortlessly as I honoured a natural arising of energy through my body that was showing me that what I am is far beyond my limited ego or will. I was one with this life force energy. I brought these insights to serve students in the yoga classes that I taught, and clients in the intuitive healing sessions I facilitated. I was overjoyed with…

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