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Hello from Boston

Hello friends, As you read this, I will be in Marlborough, MA spending time with my guru Amma on Her Boston tour stop. By Grace, I also got to see Her in Chicago. If you are in New England and can get to the Boston area this evening, I invite you to join me at the free Devi Bhava program beginning at 7pm. The “Yoga in the Nightclub” video preview party at Lee’s Palace was a wonderful event. I loved getting to sing in my hometown for the first time since my US and UK tours, and seeing the performances of the talented cast and crew. It was also great to see the thrilled reaction of the crowd to the preview screening of the “Yoga in the Nightclub” video. We ended up showing it twice on the big screen because people wanted to see it again! Ameerah Sakina and Lisa Cherry both won free admission for themselves and a friend for sharing the event on Facebook. Thank you! Here are some shots from my performance that night.      I also have some exciting news to share on a personal front. My long-time partner Rishi Deva and I will have the great blessing of being married by Amma at the end of Her Toronto programs. Please…

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You’re Invited to the Exclusive “Yoga in the Nightclub” Video Preview!

Hello friends, I have exciting news! I am thrilled to invite you to the exclusive preview screening of the full “Yoga in the Nightclub” video on June 17 in Toronto. Please join me and the cast and crew for an evening of live music and performance and an intimate one-time, giant screen viewing of this video before its official release in August. You will also get to see me performing live, as well as some of the talented dancers, actors and singers who contributed to making this video awesome. It will be a stellar evening and a way to thank our fans for coming together and living the truth that we are One Earth Family. Please join me at the video preview party at the legendary Lee’s Palace, 529 Bloor Street West, Toronto, on Tuesday, June 17 at 8pm. This venue has seen the likes of Oasis, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Air, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others. Tickets are $8 in advance or $12 at the door and can be booked through my website at Bring a friend and save! Buy two advance tickets for $14. The event is live on Facebook and BandsinTown so you can easily connect your friends and watch for contest updates.   GET FREE ACCESS FOR YOU AND…

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Yoga in the Nightclub Teasers 3 and 4

Hello friends, I am back from Florida where we shot footage for my upcoming “Shanti Om” music video. If you have not already heard the song you can do so here: Meanwhile, the wonderful work we have been doing on the “Yoga in the Nightclub” music video this spring is continuing to be revealed. Here are teasers 3 and 4 for you to enjoy! I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the days and weeks to come. Enjoy the gift of this day, Parvati

Yoga in the Nightclub EP

Hello friends, I am excited to announce my new website and not one but two trailers for my “Yoga in the Nightclub” song whose EP will be officially released later this spring. Please click through to to check out the new look and preorder your copy now! Here are the teaser videos.  

Meeting the Moment and What’s In Store

My daily morning meditation practice is the foundation of my life. Each day I sit and do my best to meet myself as I am. Some days, I struggle with what I find. Others, I am able to embrace what is without resistance and blossom into a new relationship with myself, this moment and the world. Whatever the sit brings, I find that it serves to dissolve any notion of separateness between who I am now, what I am meant to be, who I was and where I am going. Through meditation, I find a meeting of the past and future in the fullness of the now. My body is always a great teacher in learning to be present. Over the past few months, I chose to burn the candle at both ends and meet the opportunity to co-direct my first music video. It has been fabulously exhilarating, pushed my buttons to no end, felt perfectly on path and challenging in many new ways. Growth for sure! This past week, I felt the cumulative toll of the many late nights and very long days. So my body has been letting me know, right in alignment with budding spring, that it is time for a shift in my life rhythm. As I went deeper today to meet…

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The Creation of YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub

Dear friends, The work continues of shooting and logging for my “Yoga in the Nightclub” video. Here is a glimpse taken by John P. Santos of Green Bee Media at last week’s street shoot, where I got a break from working in front of the camera to take on some of the artistic direction for the shots of the other cast members. Please click through to see all the great shots John took last week! After sharing with you last week the intense, life-changing experience I had in 2011 of a devastating spinal injury at the time of the Asian tsunami, I wanted to share with you a little more of how the experience of healing from that injury to walk and dance again led me into the studio to create my “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub” album. I wrote the following shortly after launching the album in Toronto. As I wrote, engineered, produced, arranged and mixed the tracks (and went through the mix polish process with the talented sound engineer Carl Gardiner in the U.K.), I was literally brought to my knees again and again. There was something powerfully different about this particular album for me.   At first, I thought, perhaps it was the short window of time I had to create it. But that…

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The Miracle of Nature’s Healing

Dear friends, The shoots for my “Yoga in the Nightclub” are going well. We open each shooting session with this invocation: I am open, ready and willing To be completely restructured Around the positive possibilities Of being me. I AM. I AM. I AM.   It has been a great experience for us and many in the cast. We are still getting amazing emails about how this was the best time people have ever had. They really loved the invocation too!     While the shoots continue, I wanted to share with you a series of posts which many of you may not have seen before, about a major life event that inspired the creation of my “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub” album. Three years ago at this time, when the tsunami struck Japan, I was struck in my own way despite being thousands of miles away. I did not speak of it to many at first, but after a profoundly transformative and healing year I shared my journey openly on my blog. Please click through the link below to read about it. “In the spirit of candour, I would like to share that in some ways I have felt this year that I have been hiding a secret from you all. As I have written these…

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Being Part of Something Beautiful

Hello friends, I have barely had time to look at the computer this week as we are full tilt on video production. I am currently making a costume for one scene I call “Sci-Fi Disco Heaven” for the Yoga In the Nightclub music video. I think of this costume as a cosmic flower. It will be white pvc and silver organza with boning to make it rigid in places. I thought you might like to see some of the creative process. Here is the sketch I drew of how I wanted the costume to look.   Here I am developing a pattern piece for the costume from handouts for my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshop. How perfect that it is being built from these on my yoga mat.   Here it is being fitted. And no, the sweatpants are not part of the costume! 🙂   A background in architecture and a love for fashion come in handy! I would also like to invite you to be a part of the video, to join a project that brings yogic consciousness into the pop mainstream. As you know, my deep love is sharing the amazing gift of this life with others through teaching yoga and writing, producing and performing music that inspires. The intention in making the video is…

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Gratitude in the Polar Vortex

Dear friends, Thank you. As North America shivered in unusual cold two weeks ago, I felt the warmth of your hearts. Whether you donated money to my Indiegogo campaign, or shared the link with friends, or simply gave us your best wishes, I have been so moved and humbled by your support. We set out to raise funds to create videos for my songs “Shanti Om” and “Yoga in the Nightclub”. In the early days of the campaign, as the ice storm struck Toronto and we were without power or Internet, it seemed as though we might not get there. But slowly as the days went on, as people heard about the campaign, the donations increased and the momentum picked up. I’m happy to announce that we not only met our target, we surpassed it by more than 25%!   THE UNIVERSE SUPPORTS OUR JOY My joy and deep love, as I have mentioned, is to share the amazing gift of life with others through writing, producing and performing music that inspires and uplifts. I recently wrote, By focusing unequivocally on my joy, I align myself with universal, divine will. As I say “YES!” with each breath to my deepest soul joy, my life becomes a living prayer. It is not up to me to then say,…

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The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time, Part 4: The Way of Yin

THE WAY OF YIN The Divine Feminine comes in many forms – from the subtle to the overt, from the form to the formless. She is everything that is form and beyond. My song The Birth of Lakshmi illustrates how Lakshmi, the goddess of matter, arises out of the waters of pure consciousness to come into form. The traditional Sanksrit chant Sri Mahishasuramardini Stotram narrates the story of the warrior goddess Durga who draws her sword to slay a demon and keep cosmic balance. The traditional Sanskrit chant 108 Names of Parvati Devi celebrates the goddess in all her various forms. She is everything and nothing. She is eternal and temporal. I called my recent show YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub for a specific reason. Not only is YIN an acronym for Yoga In the Nightclub, but the word also references feminine power. The show celebrates the divine feminine, so this is fitting. YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub celebrates the Divine Feminine in all her aspects, be it the oceanic goddess Lakshmi, the compassionate mother in my song Lokah, or the fierce Parvati and warrior Durga. We tend to think of yin as soft, and in our culture, this is often associated with weakness. But the power of yin is very deep and beyond what we yet understand…

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