When I feel unsettled, or somehow not quite in the flow, I realize that in some way, I am in resistance to what is. So I go inside and practice non-resistance. Here is what I do. Give it a try if you like. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, if you notice you feel disconnected, immediately pause. Notice that you feel unsettled, and begin your non-resistance practice. Start simply, with just looking at your surroundings, and noticing what you see. Just watch, without adding stories to things. For example, you see a tree out the window. Just watch it. Notice the tree, the dancing leaves, the light and the colour. Should you hear a car drive by, just notice it. You hear it drive towards you then past you. So it is. Then feel your body within your surroundings. If you are sitting, feel your body on the chair. If you are lying down, feel the weight of your body towards the ground. Just notice how you feel. Notice the softness or hardness of the surface supporting you. Then draw your attention to your breath. What does it feel like? Breathe in. Breathe out. Move your awareness inward and just notice. Feel the quality of breathing. Is it heavy? Is it light? Is it easy? Is it restricted? In this, everything begins to settle and you feel not limited to your thoughts, to the sense of being separate in a body. You begin to feel divisiveness dissolve, replaced by energy, flow and abundance. You feel connected and interconnected. You feel flow. Just stay with that, watching. When you start to think about what you will have for dinner, or if you will get that call, notice you are going into thinking. Simply and gently bring your attention back to the feeling of being rooted and expansive, here and now. #parvati #positivepossibilitieslady #yem #yoga #yogini #yogaasenergymedicine #yogateacher #yogaquote #energywork #breathwork #selfhealing #grace #lifeforce #nature #oneness #consciousness #health #namaste #meditation #meditate

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