Transform your life and your world through the fiery wisdom of the Mother of the Universe

“Whether you have ever called out to me from the depths of your soul, by any name, or you have fallen silent in despair or resentment, I hear you. We cannot be separate as you are of my own essence. I will never stop loving you, for this Mother’s love is endless.”

Written strikingly in a voice that Western civilization has silenced for centuries—that of the Divine Feminine—Parvati’s book “The Burning” is an urgent and fiery love letter that summons all of humanity to greater meaning and clarity so that we can survive. On every page, the Mother of the Universe speaks directly to us. She compassionately explains how the fires we are experiencing in our world today, both inside and out, can catalyze our personal and global transformation for the greater good. As we trust Her love, She shows the possibility for illumination even in the darkest hours and reveals the true radiant potential of our inherent nature.

For a limited time “The Burning” is available for free. 


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