Daily YEM Inspiration

BY Parvati

While yogic knowledge spans the breadth of spiritual study, herbal medicine, astrology and such, what we mostly know of yoga in the Western world is one small branch of it, called hatha yoga, which concentrates on the health and purity of the body. Whether you are doing Kripalu, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini, or any other kind of yoga in a local yoga studio, you are likely doing some form of hatha yoga.
The goal of hatha yoga is the purification of subtle channels that run through the body, so that we can experience unending bliss while remaining present in the body. It is understood that our ego and our attachments are in the way of this fountain of joy, and as such, clog our ability to tap into true abundance.
YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine differs from other current yoga styles in that it is not about how far you may be able to physically stretch or bend, but about the deep and subtle awareness you develop in every position, about how you are vastly interconnected within a loving whole, a force that is expressed through you in every moment. By contacting this life force, you can cultivate a conscious relationship with it so that your yoga pose – and ultimately your life – flower from within and become powerfully effortless.
Find out more about YEM at https://parvati.world/yoga or tap the link in my IG bio.
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