Daily YEM Inspiration

BY Parvati

In our busy lives, it is essential to our health and well being to take time each day to center, unwind and renew. Through mindful breathing, energy work and subtle attention to yoga poses, YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine shows us how to let our body become receptive to life-force energy. We learn to direct energy where healing is needed so that we may animate our yoga practice from deep within. Let me guide you through one simple YEM exercise.
Science now confirms what yogis have known for thousands of years. As we relax, our field of perception expands, and in so doing, we are more aware. With greater awareness, we have access to a wider range of options in each moment so that we can make the most informed decisions. When we feel rooted, vital and expansive, our sense of value comes from our unique connection to life-force energy rather than from what we are doing. We rest into our true nature as human beings rather than identifying as human doings.
There are two zero points in yoga. One is horizontal, the other vertical. These are the foundations upon which all poses are built, and points of reference we can consider as we move through more complex poses.
Today, let us start at the beginning, with a deep relaxation. Whenever you may be, you can remember this simple centering exercise to help you enjoy the most out of life.
Lie on your back, feet one foot apart and arms alongside the body, palms facing the ceiling.
Breathe in and out through your nose a few times, allowing yourself to settle and feel supported by the ground.
Allow your mind to settle, noticing any passing thoughts without getting involved in them, as though you were watching clouds pass through the sky.
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