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Ask Parvati 6 – Seeing Past the Shimmer: Discernment on the Spiritual Path

Seeing Past the Shimmer: Discernment on the Spiritual Path April 3, 2011 Thank you for all the questions submitted this past week. In this week’s blog, we take a look at the shadow of spiritual seekers. Please send your questions to be picked for next week’s topic to by Thursday, April 7. If you have not yet done so, please listen to the meditation for Japan that I recorded recently to support those in need. I am grateful for your help in passing it on. Peace, Parvati Dear Parvati, I have a friend that I find confusing. She is sweet, an active spiritual seeker who volunteers and seems to care for others. But when I am around her, I feel uneasy. When I ask myself why, I feel in my gut that I can’t trust her. She seems spiritually wise, so I find it hard to understand the reaction I have. My gut tells me she is hiding something, like she is not what she seems. How can you tell when a person is truly the light they project or is shining light as a decoy to nasties in their personal basement? The Shadow of the Spiritual Seeker Thank you for this question. When I lived in India for a year where I eventually met…

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Positive Possibilities and Impossibilities

Through my spiritual practice, I have come to understand that consciousness – is. Yet in each moment, we have the possibility, through deepening our awareness of what is, to co-create with the consciousness that arises in each moment. In this process, there are two primary directives or energy tendencies. One is a movement towards the Positive Possibilities, the other towards the impossibilities. In this blog, I would like to share briefly what I understand it means to live in the Positive Possibilities and what it means to live in the impossibilities. I hope you find the information useful. I welcome your questions and comments. May all beings everywhere be happy. Lokah samastha sukhino bavanthu Parvati Living in the Positive Possibilities: Living in the Positive Possibilities is not about “being positive”, an attitude that willfully conjures up a state of mind to overcome, with effort, a sense of adversity. “I am feeling lousy but I will try to feel positive.” A world based on the Positive Possibilities is a world where each one of us knows that we are a loved, welcomed and an integral part of a much greater intelligent whole. Our very essence is experienced as love, which is the essential energy of life itself. What is meant by “love” is neither the common notion…

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